Modern Touches has licensing agreements in place for ALL the art we offer for customization. We are artists ourselves and will never steal images or etch copyrighted art for our customers unless they have rights to the art.

If you see art in our library to which you have rights, email us at moderntouches@gmail.com and with proof of ownership and we will remove your art immediately.



Prices are $100.00 for laptops and $30.00 for cell phone and IPods.


Will my manufacturer warranty be affected by the having it etched?

Modern Touches customization is perfectly safe for your product.

Customizing your device with us WILL NOT void your IPod or laptop’s warranty.

For non-Apple products, you may want to review your warranty directly, but Modern Touches customization is “cosmetic” much like adding a sticker (however Modern Touches is permanent).


We cannot accept returns on your etched technological accessory.  Please be certain to review the art selection carefully and be certain you want the art to be etched on your accessory after the pretest because it will be permanent and we don’t accept returns or replace your item.


Safe shopping guarantee


At Modern Touches, we us PayPal for all purchases online.  PayPal will keep you secure because you can pay without exposing credit card numbers to the merchant, 100% protection from unauthorized payments, and 24/7 monitoring to help prevent fraud.

How does my product look like etched?

We will do a pretest before any etching is done. In the testing process you will see how the art will appear on your technological accessory.  Here are samples to give you a sense of what your etching will look like.




Etched Color

iPhone/Cell phone




Nano (2nd Generation)


Nano (3rd Generation)


iPod Classic, Video


MacBook/other  black

textured gray

MacBook/ other white


MacBook/ other Pro

silvery white



Can I choose where I can have the art placed on my laptop, cell phone, or IPod?


Modern Touches will customize your product any way you like.  Art will always be placed as large as possible within the dimensions of the device.  We leave a “bleed” of about 1/4 inch on all sides in any case, unless you request otherwise on final checkout.



Default Art Placement


centered below the Apple


Art on front to left of controls;  text on back above and/or below the Apple, at Modern Touches' discretion

Old Nano

just “north” of center, will often cover the Apple

New Nano

just “north” of center, will often cover the Apple

iPod Classic, Video

just “north” of center, will often cover the Apple

All Apple Laptops

centered directly above the Apple as large as possible

3 Choices for MP3Players: Text above the art, below the art, or no text.


6 Text Choices for laptop covers: Text above or below the logo, text upper or lower left, and upper or lower right.

7 art choices for laptop: same as the text choices, but with art you can cover the whole front laptop.


How long will it take?

It will take an hour from the initial time it takes to do the pretest to the final etching.


What form of payment?

We take credit cards, cash, and debit. No personal checks.


How does it work?

You choose your product and design.  We do a pretest to see how it will look on your technological accessory. Then we put the final touches of etching to your item.